It is a diaper designed to guarantee a considerable absorbant capacity and to offer a secure and adequate solution to light incontinence problems. Farmex Lady diapers are composed by a body of cellulose absorbent fluff mixed with superabsorbent polymers, by a longitudinal adhesive and by the innovative “OdorFree” system which controls bad smells. Futhermore Normal, Extra and Super sizes are individually packed in practical hygienically protected sachets.

(Suitable for people with incontinence problems, from light to moderate.)





 Product  Code  Conf. Pack.
 LADY Contoured Diaper with odor control NORMAL  03JOL2001210  12  144
 LADY Contoured Diaper with odor control EXTRA  03JOL2001020  10  100
 LADY Contoured Diaper with odor control SUPER  03JOL2001030  10  120
 LADY Contoured Diaper with odor control SUPERPLUS  03JOL2001440  14  168