Endometrial thermocoagulation with intra-uterine balloon is suitable for cases of Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (D.U.B.) treatment, appearing as menorrhagia (also called hypermenorrhoea), metrorrhagia or menometrorrhagia. Endometrium thermic ablation application can be qualified as an excellent alternative to hysterectomy or above all in case of the pharmacological therapy failure. Endometrium Thermic Ablation irreversibly coagulates the basal stratum of endometrium and one superficial stratum of myometrium, without harming risks for ajoining organs.




  • Endometrium thermic ablation system  
  • Side screw disposable vaginal speculum , sterile
  • Sterile disposable vaginal speculum with central pin  
  • Sterile Karman probe for intrauterine aspiration
  • Sterile curved rigid cannula for gynecological aspiration 
  • Sterile straight rigid cannula for gynecological aspiration   
  • Sterile brushes for cytological samples 
  • Perforator for amniotic membrane