Ialotuss is a dietary supplement with honey from Italian production only, hyaluronic acid and Aloe gel. Components in Ialotuss have an emollient, protective and softening action, offering a valid support in case of dry or fat cough. In particolar, exclusively Italian honey, as reported in recent scientific studies, i san antitussive with an efficacy equal or even superior compared to well-known sedative medicines commonly used for this purpose and it has no side effects. Moreover hyaluronic acid with low molecular weight specifically acts in restoring particularly irritated mucous membranes in case of dry and fat cough, helping in inflammation reduction. Furthemore it modifies the fluidity of mucus and improves ciliary motility, enhancing its physiological removal. Aloe gel, apart from its anti-inflammatory effect, promotes proper hydration of the mucous of the first respiratory tract and protects them creating a film which acts as a barrier.

Ialotuss Pediatrico is suitable for children from one year old.



Case with one 150ml bottle

Ialotuss Pediatrico is sold in pharmacies, drugstore sor in specialised shops and, like a medicine, if not immediately availavble, it can be available, upon request, within a few hours. Medical prescription is not requested.