Giocà pediatrico is a syrup in 150 ml bottle, with childproof safety screw cap and graduated doser 5-7,5-10 ml


Components of Giocà pediatrico help natural body defenses during the colder months, and enhance psycho-phisical recovery in the situations requiring higher energy needs such as season changes, lack of appetite, forcedly incomplete diets due to food intolerance or hospital diet, convalescence, hard study and sport.


Echinacea (purpurea and angustifolia) It supplies substances capable of modulating the activity of non-specific immune system, with the purpose of prevent recurrent infections of the upper respiratory tract. Thanks to the antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, it is also useful to reduce symptoms and duration of flu sindrome and infective diseases of the first respiratory tract.

- B vitamin complex at 100% of RDA

Vitamins of the Group B allow the correct metabolization of the nutrients, converting them into energy fo the body, ensuring the proper functioning of the immune system and nervous system. They are useful after illnesses, on seasonal changes, and in periods of higher needs, as well as stimulating appetite when your child eats little or eats bad.
– Italian Acacia honey used as natural and rich sweetener with many beneficial properties, as well as being a particularly suitable food in diets for children.
– Flavouring of  Giocà Pediatrico is natural and red fruits in order to leave a good taste in your child’s mouth.

This product is totally natural:
– gluten free
– no artificial sweeteners
– no artificial food colorings
– no artificial flavourings
– no sodium benzoate (E211)



– Is your product also suitable for celiac?
Absolutely yes! Giocà Pediatrico is a gluten free multivitamin supplement.

– What are the vitamins of Group B for? A cosa servono le vitamine del gruppo B?
Vitamins of the Group B allow the correct metabolization of the nutrients, converting them into ready energy fo the body. They are hydrosoluble molecole and their possible excess is execreted with urines, preventing the occurrence of hypervitaminosis.

– What are the Echinacea for?
Modern pharmacopoeia extended popular knowledge attributing to these plants a prominent role in strenghtening the immune defense system, echinacea can be also used for the treatment of flu affections and colds.


Giocà Pediatrico is sold in pharmacies, drugstore sor in specialised shops and, like a medicine, if not immediately availavble, it can be available, upon request, within a few hours. Medical prescription is not requested.