Medical is specialized in the design, management and maintenance of Central Sterile Supply Departments (CSSD). Surgical instruments from the operating rooms are managed through a standardized stelirization process, based on Company procedures complying with the applicable National and European regulations.


To support the management activities of the CSSD, our Company uses a modular and complete computerized system for the traceability of medical devices and for the document management of the entire sterilization process. This system allows, by means of a dedicated management software, to verify at what point of the sterilization process each product is and, as a guarantee of the sterilization process itself, that each passage (cleaning, washing, disinfection, packaging and sterilization) has been properly accomplished.


The computer system is able to manage the whole sterilization process of surgical instruments and accessories; all the phases of the sterilization are automated and constantly monitored, ensuring a high level of standardization, quality, safety and productivity.


To a high level of system sophistication corresponds a semplicity of use for operators.


To carry out sterilization activities, our Company employs qualified and trained personnel only,with proven knowledge and expertise in the sterilization field, and able to relate every day with professionals of the Health Services.