The attention to the user care and the need to choose a product fitting the concrete customer’s necessities promoted the creation of a product line specific for incontinence.  


















Farmex Air Dermo products are a result of the continuous research and develpments aimed to meet the needs of patients suffering with incontinence problmes.

The new breathing outer cover represents the most innovative and suitable solution for patients with particularly sensitive and delicate skin, who need a softer and drier touch.

These new devices ensure air circulation, avoiding the occurrence of skin complications.

Moreover the new devices ensure a more confortable fitting thanks to their softness and lack of rustle. The special moisturizing lotion applied to the layer in contact with the skin confers sooting properties for sensitive skin. Its combination of breathing support and moisturizing lotion gives to the air-dermo line an efficacious dermo-protection system which helps to prevent skin reddening.