is equipped with a modern and well-furnished Chemical Laboratory, which is active in:


  • Research & Development of Innovative Products.
  • Quality Control of Production.
  • Technical Assistance to Customers.


Analysis are carried out by professionals through the use of analytical methods, officially recognised by regulations, and most advanced instruments.


In particular, analysis are performed in our Laboratory by using:


  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry,
  • Headspace Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry,
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography,
  • Rotational Viscosimetry,
  • UV/Visible Spectrophotometry.


Supplementary instruments allow to determinate pH, density, water content, free and bound acidity in products and raw materials.


Our Laboratory also performs techniques as


  • Dry and Wet Vibro-sieving,
  • Thermogravimetry,


Thanks to the use of microbiological techniques we can determine the bacterial load on products before and after packaging (BIOBURDEN) and after sterilization (STERILITY).


Specific methods, such as


  • Absorbent cotton tests, carried out according to the Official Pharmacopoeia,
  • The determination of ethylene oxide, ethylene chlorohydrine and ethylene glicol residues on medical devices sterilized with ethylene oxyde,
  • Studies of chemical and physical stability,


are examples that highlight of the research & development Laboratory. Its instrumental equipment, together with the staff’s experience, enable the development of new methods for many production divisions.